Caretaker Society

                                Wonkum! ( Greetings! )

                                                                                               Welcome to our site

 Wangom Wami Pasuk, Welcome every one, Webe Werrego re mutche youh ca keeuk quach wauh twawan noweth quik woh unog, It is good to be here today and know anything is possible. 

We all of us share Matoulin the sacred force that permeates all things, the spirit that moves in and through all things. We all of us embrace The Great Law of Peace, The Giver of life does not intend us to abuse one another and the world we share in common. 

We have the Two Row Treaty and agreement that, as we travel the River of Life, we do not interfere with each other. We respect each other. Now the time has come that we build a shared vessel, still maintaining our individual sovereignty. We all of us share a common destiny as we travel this great river of life.

Only we all of us- Wami Pasuk- can turn the tide to co-create a future for the next 7 generations. In the prow of our shared vessel we all of us would place the Eagle whose sight and vision will steer us straight, warn us of obstacles, and carry our prayers to Creator. In the stern we all of us would place Owl, Night Eagle. This would enable us to hear and see each other plainly. Together all of us are like a bundle of arrows, unbreakable in our resolve and commitment to each other.

We are here to show others, by our actions, how we walk our journey. 

Remember our agreement, you would speak for us when the two legged no longer understood our languege

I                                                                                                 Eagles Gift 


Have we forgotten who our elders and teachers are?

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