Caretaker Society


Join us for our annual Labor Day gathering September 2nd to September 5th 20011 at beautiful Camp Epworth High Falls NY 12440 google Camp Epworth for directions, or email

    Come celebrate the weaving of cultures and the blending of sustainable systems, where permaculture meets mentoring and primitive skills, and all are inspired by traditional and sacred native teachings.  Weaving all of this into a basket, together, we can carry it forward for the future generations.

    This will be a weekend of joy and laughter, music and dance, as well as teachings of the sacred fire.  There will be  storytelling, native elder wisdom and networking, as well as the opportunity to enter the womb and receive the healing energy of the sweat lodge.

    Calvin Pompana is a Dakota Sun Dance Chief and Aboriginal Elder/Advisor for the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council of Manitoba, Canada, a member of the Red Hand and Red Blanket Societies, and is a founding member of the White Buffalo Spiritual Society. All are encouraged to come enjoy Calvin's peaceful presence and warm-hearted wisdom and humor as he shares inspiring stories and introduces teachings and traditional ways of his people in ways that can heal and restore us all.

    For those attending the sweat lodge: Inside the sweat lodge, ladies wear sweat dress, long skirt or sarong; gentlemen wear shorts or swim trunks.  Bring two towels (one to sit on).

    Women on their moon time: please speak to one of the women elders present. We will have a moon lodge each day of this event. We will be presenting a moon pipe to be held by the women for these special occasions.

    About sweat lodge rites and ceremony: This ceremony is one of the seven sacred rites brought to the Dakota people, and one of the few ceremonies appearing among many native nations in North America and aboriginal nations elsewhere on Mother Earth. It is shared out of love for humankind because it has power to help and heal. In the womb of Mother Earth all are safe and secure, and the whispers of one’s own heart to the Great loving One remain within.

    Bring a story, a song, a dance, a musical instrument, and your open heart, and join our gathering at beautiful Camp Epworth in High Falls, NY (nestled between the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains, along the Rondout Creek).  Our celebration will begin on Friday, Sept. 3 till Mon. Sept.6 You are invited to attend for a day or (we hope) the entire weekend.

Cost for the entire Labor Day weekend will be $100.  Children free 16 and under.This will include camping, primitive cabins and an evening meal each day, Bring food for breakfast and lunch . Also, bathrooms, hot showers and swimming in the pool are available. In addition there will be wilderness skills, wild crafting, and fun and games.
There is no charge for the ceremonies and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The cost of the weekend covers land use fee and transporting the Elders also for food and firewood .
    Bring towels, and warm clothes for possible cool nights.  There will be no drugs or alcohol at this gathering.

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